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Let your kid meet the finest, demonstrate the skill, win trophies and certificates! Let us show your kids talent to the world without stepping out of your home

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Fantastic event, my kid really enjoyed the entire session. Very happy to see children passionate about their performance. They were very engaged and happy to meet other children they haven’t met before. My son is looking forward to the next event

Priya Venkatesan


“Came to know about StarBee from one of the WhatsApp Group, I was hesitating to register for the event as my daughter is never done something before. But, I am so happy and lucky that I have registered for my daughter, she thoroughly enjoyed, this is the first she was so happy even after not winning the Prize”



“Extremely pleased with the way they organised the event, Faculty members very so much helping, we had trouble joining due to our internet but they were very polite and did as much as they could. I got only for my second child, but now my first son keeps asking me to register. The Photo frame for the winner is awesome, it is right on the wall of our living room.”

Sanjana Rajesh


“ஏன் பொண்ணோட classmate பண்ணது பாத்துட்டு ஒரே அடம்பிடிச்சி கேட்டதால ஒரு ஈவண்ட் ரெஜிஸ்டர் பண்ணோம், ஆதிரா ரொம்ப சந்தோசமா அட்டென்ட் பண்ணா. அப்புறமா class la இருக்குற பாதி பேருக்கு போன் பண்ணி 2 மணி நேரம் explain panna! Thanks to StarBee, Proud of my Daugher ஆதிரா”

Sakunthala Srinivasan


“Absolutely amazing, both my daughters enjoyed the event! I am so proud of them as they worked really hard for this event, not won the award but they really learnt a lot out of this event, I can’t thank enough StarBee team, you guys were extraordinary! Hope you conduct more events in the near future”



“As a working mum, it is really hard to take out my kids to events like this, one of my colleagues referred Starbee, just registered for an event for my 6-year-old son, he enjoyed it a lot and I recommend to all working mum ”



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